{never stop}

this is my love song to you.
let every woman know i'm yours.
so you can fall asleep each night, babe,
knowing that i'm dreaming of you more.
you're always hoping that we make it. 
you always wanna keep my gaze.
well you're the only one i see, love,
and that's the one thing that won't change.

i will never stop trying.
i will never stop watching as you leave.
i will never stop losing my breath
everytime i see you lookin back at me.

and i will never stop holding your hand;
i will never stop opening your door.
i will never stop choosing you, babe,
i will never get used to you.

and with this love song to you,
it's not a momentary phase.
you are my life, i don't deserve you,
but you love me just the same.
 and as the mirror says we're older,
i will not look the other way.
you are my life, my love, my only.
and that's the one thing that won't change.

you still get my heart racing for you.

i'm just feeling some extra love for my husband lately, and this song seems to keep popping in my head.
he is my one and only, and nothing will ever change that.
i love you Jae.


  1. you two are just too adorable. love sure is great!!
    what song is this? i don't recognize the lyrics...

    1. it's 'never stop' by safetysuit. i know it's a big mushy post (my sister nicely informed me of this) but i don't care!