ice {the shaved kind}

so it's a really bad picture (bad quality, bad lighting, glare, my eyes look like they're buggin out of my head...) BUT i had to hurry and document the true start of our summer...before it all disappeared into our bellies.

if you've ever had shaved ice, i think you can understand  ;)
Jae got his usual - blue raspberry/tiger's blood/mango
i got tiger's blood/pina colada.

when Jae ordered a large (all for himself) the guy said "have you been here before? you know how big that is right?" Jae's like, umm yeah....trust me....i can handle it.
and handle it, he did. in addition to a small leftover portion of mine.
i should add, this picture was taken after we'd already been eating them for a good 10 minutes. 
my husband's a real man.

(sidenote: i cannot believe it's the middle of July & this is our first shaved ice of the season! shame on us.)


  1. I've had like, 7 this summer. Guilty pleasure. Jord got a large once. Never again. His tongue was bleeding after. Haha. .

  2. LOL "I think I can handle it" LOL. love it! and I'm really in the mood for some shaved ice right now as my house won't ever get down to decent and humane temperatures... MMmmm tiger's blood...

  3. i can totally picture jae saying that, too funny!! and seriously, his snow cone is massive!! we haven't had snow cones yet this summer -- but we've had some other delicious cold treats! we will have to have a snow-cone double datey some time soon, yes?!

  4. This post makes me oh so happy! I crave tigers blood shaved ice on a daily basis. Temecula's only down fall is that they don't have any shave ice places. None! So depressing.

    1. whit - you better start opening shaved ice shacks over there! or maybe Jae and i will come over and do that.....