independence day

i know i posted a little blurb on the actual 4th of july, but i wanted to throw in a few more pictures from our day. it wasn't too exciting, which makes me kind of sad, because the 4th of july is one of my absolute favorites! summer, sun, bbq's, fireworks, sprinklers and sparklers...does it get any better? we were really low-key this year, though, which i guess i can't really complain about.

*more fireworks
*out to breakfast
*lunchtime bbq with family
*kiddie pools/water balloons/lots of wet dogs
*afternoon naptime
*Jae to work (boohoo)
*visit to the mother-in-law/more puppy playtime
*Jae got off work early (yayy)
*trying to get to sleep with a million fireworks still going on outside

Zoey hates baths, so we were interested how she'd be in a big pool. at first she wasn't so sure, but pretty soon (after we kept putting her in the pool against her will..) she was ok in it. she'd swat the water & make bubbles & try to eat them!

she loves grandma's yard - she runs & runs & runs like a wild child (or dog)

Zack, Clara, & Hana. is Hana good at striking a pose or what?

that's all the pictures i took. kind of lame, i know. (and they were all with my phone....i finally got the actual camera out to take better pictures and turns out it was dead! lovely.) it was a good day though, and a wonderful reminder of this great country we live in.

happy birthday, america!

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