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{i give you fair warning: this post is somewhat dull and boring, but for my own documenting purposes, i must include. it was a serious amount of my time and effort and something i probably won't be able to forget even if i didn't blog about it. but i am blogging about it. so yeah.}

starting this past december, we had a major, huge, detailed, very involved blood product audit at work. it was nasty. and expensive, to say the least. the problem was found months before i was ever around, but i got the pleasure of being front and center by the time the actual auditing of the 2000+ accounts rolled around.

anyway, i won't bore you with all the ridiculous details of this, but i will say it took us months to get through this and it was more than enough to give you a headache and a half. like, every day. we've finally finished it (well our part, anyway, it's not in the hands of others who have to deal with reimbursements and charges and money stuff...thank goodness it's not me!). so a couple of weeks ago, we had a little shindig to celebrate it ending. we had cafe rio and my boss handed out a few awards. i was one of the lucky few who got one!(although, honestly a piece of paper hardly seems sufficient for the pain we experienced doing this, but the pork burrito helped the pain a little bit ;))

my award:

you see that?? my boss thinks i have outstanding determination, teamwork, and leadership!
i won't comment on whether or not i or my co-workers would agree with her.
just go with it.

happy friday {the 13th} friends.
go team.

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