a day for my daddy

yes i'm 25, and yes i still call my father my daddy. cuz that's what he is. i've always been a daddy's girl, and i just love him so much.
{even though any and all grey hairs he has are probably from me ;)}

i'm so happy we have these days that we can dedicate to our dads. my dad is the sweetest, humblest, dorkiest, lovable dad that would do anything for anyone that he could, especially his kids and grandkids. he's so giving and always thinking of others. he's such a hard worker. he's always worked so hard to provide for his family and is so selfless, it's incredible. if there is anything else good i could say about him, just add it to what i've already said.

he's just such a good person and dad.

i love you dad!! you're amazing.

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