3 minutes as a dancer again

about a week and a half ago, my cute friend Roxey invited myself and a few other girls to do an alumni dance with her at her studio's recital. she's owned and run that studio form the very beginning and it was their 10th anniversary. 10 years! i feel like that's a long time to own your own (thriving) business while being a mommy and wife. she's a champ, that's for sure. and she's totally still got it. after teaching dance for 14 some years and birthing 3 kids, she can still dance and look completely amazing.

anyway, like i said, she asked me to be apart of it, and i was somewhat dumbfounded. me? dance? yeah, i work at a dance studio, and sure, i can teach the little 3-5 year old tots class. and that's about where my dance life ends these days. but i decided to be brave because i love Rox and i know she really wanted this dance to work. oh, did i mention she asked us to do this and got us all together about a week and a half before the recital?? yeah...plenty of time right? eek.

well, it went like this:

14 dancers
2 rehearsals (5 hours total)
one 3 minute-and-something-second dance

we were all a bit nervous. most of us hadn't danced since our high school years. a few have had kids, and yes, 2 were dancing 25+ weeks pregnant (!!!). we all found something black to wear so we looked somewhat put-together, and most of us danced in bare feet.

i pulled muscles and got some bruises, but that's ok. i really wasn't too stressed about it, and in the end i'm glad i did it. some of you may be reading this, thinking "i don't know why she's making it sound like such a big deal". but when i haven't really danced in 8 or 9 years and someone asks me to dance (with a bunch of other girls that were definitely on a different skill level than i, might i add) in front of a live audience in less than two weeks? yeah...little nerve wracking. but it all turned out and we had fun and now it's over. that's usually the best part, right?

and honestly? it was fun.

Jae was able to come see me dance (he's never seen me dance ever!) and my cute parents also came, bearing flowers for me! just like they used to do at all my recitals growing up. it was so funny! and i loved it. i'm sad i didn't get any pictures of any of the dancers or recital at all, but i did take a quick snap of my flowers from my parents.

confession: this pic was taken a couple days after the recital, and the flowers were starting to droop. but i wanted to take a picture anyway.

PS: happy weekend everyone.


  1. this is so awesome!! what a cool experience, i'm glad you did it :)

  2. How adorable are your parents!? love the flowers. I think one of the worst parts about "grown up" life is that often the little things we loved doing as kids gets pushed aside as we "take care of business" and have to pay dumb bills. I like your dancing story :)

  3. So so glad you did it. It turned out well, and is something I'll always take with me <3

  4. Is this the same dance studio where you brought me with you as your partner and we got to do all those fun love songs together? That was so romantic...

  5. yes it is, torrie! i'd forgotten about that! oh the good times.