talk about smurfing

so as i mentioned, 6 of us girls headed up to park city friday to party hardy.

Mal, Bekah, and Heather went up earlier in the afternoon friday to hit up the outlets, and Lisa, Leslie, and i headed up later after work and stuff to meet them. we ended up having dinner at no name bar & grill (you should've seen it - us 6 kind-of-clearly-mormon girls walking through the bar, one of which being pregnant...it was slightly humerous). then we decided to stop at the chocolate store (duh - that's a no brainer) before heading up to the cabin. we also needed to hit up the grocery store for snacks and breakfast for saturday morning. well we ended up going all the way to the grocery store in heber, and then the cabin was actually in midway. we weren't aware how far it was outside of park city, so the drive was a bit longer than expected. but that's ok! lots of beautiful scenic views on the way :) i don't think any of us really took any pictures at the cabin. but we played games, at too much food, got sick, and ate some more. by about 11pm, we were all about ready to crash. we definitely don't stay up late like we used to. we're old and stuff now i guess. anyway, saturday morning we got up, had some yogurt, got dressed, and took some quick pictures on the deck before cleaning up and heading out.

oh - and we played the smurf game. i'm not sure if that's really what it's called, but have you ever played it? it's a pretty good time. first, you send one person out of the room while the rest of you pick a topic - a couple of ours were decorating a christmas tree or getting your hair cut. and whatever topic you pick - that's coded with the word 'smurf'. so the person comes back and tries to guess what your topic is by asking questions using the word smurf in place of whatever the thing is they're trying to guess. clear as mud? yeah i'm sure. but anyway it was a good time. laughs were had.

of course, i had to be ridiculous (and obviously very attractive) and do this pose:

cuz i'm awesome like that. until next time, girls!


  1. We are old--I totally can't stay up late like we used to. Midnight is about my max now.

    Cute pictures!

  2. that last picture: classic mara. love it!!

  3. Love that top picture of the 6 of you! So fun that you have all stayed such close friends. You all look beautiful!

  4. in case anyone was wondering that is my hand on Mara's butt.

  5. I love how we're in different places in every picture. It's like we planned that or something. I'm so glad this weekend worked, it was so fun! Today I was trying to think of what that game was called, you must have read my mind.