the birds and the bee's

or maybe we'll just talk about the bee's for now...

this past weekend we went to our first bee's game of the season. although we had lawn seats, we still had a good time! it was a bit warm and a bit bright for the first little while, but the sun started to go down and it cooled down and was perfect! we went with my sister Susan and her family.

Zack and Hana were being the usual goofballs that they always are.

the sunset sky was lovely.

the bee's lost (boo). but we still got an awesome fireworks show after the game. and seriously, it was really good! (of course, my pictures of the fireworks don't do it near justice. i swear these types of pictures never turn out great, right?)

it feels like summer has officially started after seeing our first ball game and firework show :) love it!

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