first pie baking experience

me, baking a pie?
scary, i know.

i wanted to attempt a strawberry rhubarb pie for my dad for father's day, but honestly, being my first pie i've ever made, i didn't really want to start with such an intimidating one like that.

so a few days ago, when i saw miss Sydney from the Daybook post about this easy peasy pie recipe, i knew that was my answer!

i call it a brown sugar apple crisp. that's my (un)official title. and it goes like this:

-apples, sliced (i think i used about 8 or 9 small apples, but would probably use more next time since when you bake them, they shrink a bit when baked)
-cinnamon & brown sugar mix
-pie crust

that's it!

arrange your apples and apply as much cinnamon/brown sugar as you'd like (i made a little extra for people to sprinkle on top after it was baked if they wanted) and toss it in the oven!

bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. and eat.

i felt like my pie crust didn't get as brown and yum as i would've liked, but i think that was my own lack of baking with pie crusts skills to credit that to.

so there you go! my family was nice and told me it was good, even though it kind of looked like crap after we started dishing it up. but i don't think it ended up too horrible for being my first pie.

 {oh, sidenote: i didn't peel the skins off. Jae thought that was strange, but by the time we thought about it, i had already started putting it together and i didn't want to take it all apart and peel them then. so i left them. it didn't ruin it, but next time i'd probably take the time to peel them before.}


  1. YUM! and I'm glad to see you didn't disqualify yourself by making the crust :)

  2. Nice work! My first pie was for Jesse's birthday, and the crust turned out super thick. My second pie was pumpkin for a group Thanksgiving party. The center was not cooked all the way through. You're so far ahead of me.