so, as you know, i had my first physical therapy appointment last friday.
and it went a little something like this:

chit chatting with the physical therapist.
hot packs.
rubbing/"stretching out" my IT band with my physical therapists FIST.
lots and lots of pain and sweating and pain.
more stretches.
electrodes and cold packs.

and by that night, it looked a little something like this:

yikes. i just kept saying it felt like my legs were completely bruised. so that night before bed, when i finally had a chance to look at my legs....indeed. bruises. on both legs. not cool.

yesterday i had my second session. and as soon as i walked in and showed my therapist my bruises, he's like 'oh yeah, didn't i tell you it'd do that??'. i was like um no! and then he proceeded to rub along my IT band again. it felt great. really great. and today i have more, new bruising on top of my old, now yellowish bruises. it's good times! oh and i get to go back tomorrow for more!!!

this therapy thing better work..........that's all i'm sayin.


  1. Holy crap woman! I guess they say no pain no gain, right? Wowzah....

  2. OUCHIE! That does NOT look fun! You're so strong and such a fighter! It'll work, I know it will!