saturday stroll

here are just a few snaps from one of Zoey's and my saturday walks. since our weekdays are usually so crazy, i want to make sure every saturday (and/or sunday) are a dedicated walking day for the pup, and i figure if i'm keeping track with pictures and blogging about them, that'll help me make sure i don't forget it! so here are a few from last weekend.

this cow was very intently staring at us as we walked up and still as we walked away. i'll be honest, it kind of scared me. all of a sudden that fence didn't look too sturdy.

hope you have a good monday, everyone.

oh! and a special shout-out to one of my besties in the whole world...it's Leslie's big 25 today! happy birthday dear :) love you!

us in our young, single ladies days :)


  1. oh man that was a long time ago!!! I don't even know how old I was... my hair is brown so I'm at least 19 I think... thanks for the special shout out!! love you!

  2. oh my goodness, that cow! i would have been so freaked out, haha! remember that time we saw the antelope on antelope island and how scared we were of them even though they were like a billion miles away from us!!