memorial day weekend: 2012

we had a pretty low-key weekend. but i had an extra day off, so that made it better than usual!

friday we did a late session at the temple with the Oveson's, and stopped by coldstone after for a treat. and then i just felt sick after :( the shake was still pretty tasty though, i can't lie.

{sidenote: why can't Jae make a normal, smiling face in pictures? ever? i cannot figure out why.}

saturday we had planned a fun outing to a Bee's game with my sister and her family, but it got all rainy and cold and crap. dang weather. so we decided we'd stay home, cook up some of our own burgers and cookies, and watch the Celtic's game on tv. we threw some games in there, too, and it was actually a really really fun night! i was a bit sad about the Bee's game though. another night i guess! oh! i should add - because of the crappy, sudden on-set of pouring rain, Jae couldn't mow any more lawns and called it a day. which means he got to hang out with me!! i got him for a half of a saturday. it was lovely :)

sunday we just did the usual - church in the morning, naps in the afternoon, and dinner with the fam in the evening. except after dinner we went down to the cemetery to visit some of my mom's families gravesites. it was a nice evening and the cemetery was packed. it's nice to visit the graves - clean them up a bit and leave some colorful flowers to keep them company. sure do miss my grandparents. it was a good visit, indeed.

monday, Jae had to work to make up for the rain we got on saturday. boo! so i went with my parents, niece, and nephew to a couple cemetery's in salt lake to visit the graves of my dad's side of the family. we were out at wasatch cemetery, and we heard a bagpiper. we figured there couldn't possibly be someone attempting to have a funeral service on memorial day. and it wasn't. it was just this nice bagpipe-playing man, spending his memorial day walking around the cemetery, playing beautiful, respectful music for families visiting their loved ones. the best part? he started playing 'amazing grace' as he was walking past my grandma's grave, who's name was Grace. it was perfect. dad teared up, and i'll admit it, i did too.

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  1. Bless all the bagpipers! I was running up to First Dam the other week, and I saw/heard a bagpiper playing over the lake while the air and water were filled with seagulls...to this day, I still wish I would have had a camera. Glad you had a good weekend!