it's that good

so yesterday afternoon i received this little large gem from my boss. because i'm awesome and stuff.

by this morning, i am left with this...

yeah. those are big pieces of chocolate. solid, smooth, delicious milk chocolate. normally i don't like just solid chocolate, like hershey's or symphony bars. but this ghirardelli chocolate? man oh man. that picture is actually already out of date, because currently those are long gone and the wrapper is in my garbage can. 

chocolate for breakfast...whoops!

so today i have my first physical therapy appointment for my knees! i'm a little nervous. i've never done any kind of therapy for anything. it should be interesting. wish me luck!

and i wish you all the most fabulous memorial day weekend!! Jae and i have planned a little family fun tomorrow night for my sister and her family, and they don't know about it yet, but it should be a good time! got big plans for the weekend? whatever it is, i hope it's great :)

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