first meeting Zoey - this is at the house we got her from. she was so nervous!

brought her home and put her in her new bed for the first time

sooo sleeeepy. she loves her blanky.

playing on mom and dad's bed in our new house. we already threw that toy away, it was so chewed apart.

she's was so little. she's already grown so much, i can't believe it!

being shy :)
wait what? shy?? no way. she is not shy!
sick of me taking pictures? maybe..

she loves to play with her daddy. and cuddle with him. and follow him around.
and just look at that belly! isn't it cute? haha.

it's ok...go ahead and say it..we're a little obsessed with our pup. she's like our baby, and we love her. although lately, she's getting this attitude. she found her voice and barks a lot more than she did the first week or so. if she's really tired and you even remotely touch her, she growls and tries to nip at you. she's definitely a grump when she's really worn out. (like her mother.) she's mostly potty-trained. she still forgets sometimes or she gets excited when the nieces and nephews are around. but she does pretty good. sleeps through the night fine (as long as she's right up between Jae and i, which is fine because she's so little) and is awful cute and sweet in the mornings when she's just waking up. she's a little stink sometimes but we love her!


  1. Little dogs have the best personalities. How is she doing with chewing on other stuff besides her toys? Blue is always the cutest in the mornings too! Until he wants to go outside and I don't want to get up and take home out, ha.

  2. Oh man, she is PRECIOUS. And I don't even really like dogs. But she sure is cute :)