lately {the last couple of weeks}

we got our shower tile all finished. and by we, i mean Jae. i admit, i hardly helped one bit. he did awesome for this only being his second tiling job ever (the first being the floor tile!) and his first wall tiling. turned out well, i think.

how i spent my friday night while Jae was working - pride & prejudice, painted nails in a fun summery color, cuddled up in the blanket. (the pup was next to me but didn't feel like being photographed ;))

a warm, sunny drive with baby girl cuddled in my lap

the wind last week tried to take some of our siding with it. lovely, yes?
don't worry, we won and got it back.

our first fire of the season. this really was lovely!

my car hit a big mile marker - 100,000 miles! good times.
(and it was 77 degrees! that's even better times)

at work, we decided to make Easter baskets for the homeless kids. they turned out awesome!

i apologize for the lack of posts lately. just been busy busy and tired tired. also, turns out not having the internet at your house makes blogging that much more difficult....weird. my sister is here from China for the week (with just one of her kiddos) so we're even more busy trying to pack in as much craziness as we can before she leaves! work has been busy and stressful. Jae's started getting busier with the lawn care/landscaping business. which reminds me....

if you need any yard work/lawn care/aerating/spring clean up of any sort, let us know! Jae will be more than happy to help you out :)
*check out his website here*

happy first week of april!


  1. Mar your bathroom tile looks AWESOME! and I love pride and prejudice any day of the week... Caleb is going to be gone this weekend, I might have to bust out my copy after the kids are in bed.

  2. That's what men are for... to do all the real work! We are just good cheerleaders. :) Love your nail color too! So happy & bright.