an appetizer

our Easter weekend started with this...

can we say 16 oz???

{apologies to the vegetarians out there - namely my sister Kellie}

and i'm proud to report that my (rather slender) husband finished this entire plate (plus a few more rolls) and wasn't even sweatin it.

go Jae.

it was a crazy, fun, family-filled, tear jerker, sweet, peaceful weekend. all in one. i didn't take too many pictures because i just wanted to enjoy every minute. but, i do love Easter and it was a most memorable weekend indeed, so i will post more about it soon. xo.


  1. Oh man, Texas Roadhouse...Of course, the last two times we've gone, we've been bitterly disappointed with our steaks (they've been WAY overcooked). Maybe we'll have to give it another chance next time we're down in Bountiful.

  2. love you. I won't lie, i got a little teary eyed reading it.
    You two ROCK!! I'm such a proud friend right now!