you know you've officially arrived in the WB (west bountiful) when you get a carton full of fresh eggs as your welcome present!!

we had a few of our new neighbors stop by a couple of nights ago, and they brought us some fresh out-of-the-chicken eggs! they even joked about 'here in west bountiful, we like to welcome you to the neighborhood with some eggs...'.  it was funny. but we loved it! we've been enjoying them already {obviousy - there were two missing before i even got a picture taken}. we also got a rather large box of fresh grown carrots and what look to be parsnips on our doorstep yesterday. we're assuming they're from our friend Jerry across the street. but seriously, what are we going to do with a giant box of carrots and parsnips?? i didn't even know you could grow anything like that this time of year! so if anyone would really like some carrots or parsnips.......clearly Zoey things they're pretty neat so you might have to fight her for some :)

the weekend is here friends! and if you're in the salt lake area, it's gonna be a nice one!! sunshine, here we come! our weekend will consist of lots of unpacking and organizing,  putting up more blinds so we don't just have big open, uncovered windows for everyone to see us {as fun as getting dressed in the kitchen just to avoid people seeing you is}, lunch with the oveson's, hunger games, maybe a visit to the new city creek downtown, {hopefully} nap time, and church in our new ward! should be a gooood {quick} few days.

enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. FRESH eggs!? I want chickens SOOOO badly. Sounds like you have good neighbors. Have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like it will be a great one.

  2. Man, I would totally take those carrots and parsnips off your hands! Gotta love the WB...