so many things

so little time.

the last week or so has been a whirlwind for us. of course, we only helped the whirlwind get crazier by getting our new little pup! the last week has looked a little like this:

*monday we (somewhat) randomly got a puppy! went straight to the store for a bed, toys, food, etc for new puppy. took puppy around to show family. first night with puppy wasn't the greatest...
*tuesday-thursday puppy had an appt for her first shots and to get a check up. she's perfectly healthy! both jae and i worked and puppy hung out with grandma a lot and got lots and lots of attention.
*jae started to have a sore throat and runny nose. boo. i worked lots while jae worked on finishing up the dang tile in our shower. such a pain. and i wasn't even the one doing it! he was all on his own, poor guy.
*then the weekend came. what did we even do this weekend? oh yeah...moved a bunch of our crap to our house. all day saturday, i was moving and (trying to) organizing and packing up (with the help of my sister & her kiddos and Jae's mom - you guys were awesome) while jae worked on grouting that same dang shower tile. and it was not going too great. he was a bit frustrated. but he finished it (with the awesome help of jord & chels - thanks again!) by about 730 saturday evening, we had about 95% moved, with our bed being one of the things that wasn't moved yet. we were both so exhausted by the day, we said forget it, and spent the night at my parents, rather than trying to move the bed and get it all put together before we crashed.
*sunday was church and family dinner - the usual stuff. it was actually a really good day, and we were able to rest a little bit.
*i started to get the sore throat....no bueno.
*miss Zoey is finally starting to get the hang of going to the bathroom outside. as long as we stay on top of it and take her out every 1-2 hours or so, she does good! although she still has some serious anxiety when we even walk out of the room. we're working on it.
*by monday, i had a full blown runny nose all day long. red, painful nose from the hundred or so tissues i went through. jae had the day off, so he worked on sealing the tile and packing the rest of our stuff up to move to our house. i left work early (mostly my nose just couldn't handle the awful sandpaper tissues there) and helped jae pack the rest up. finally, by about 830pm, we got everything to our house and got our bed set up with our new bedspread. we also got a new rug for our bedroom, it's awesome!
*i think our first night went pretty well, all things considered. boxes, bags, stuff everywhere. but it's all good. we're super happy to be in our house f.i.n.a.l.l.y.

big huge thanks to all our family & friends who have helped over the last (almost) 8 months. we couldn't have done it without you!

and an even bigger big huge thanks to my husband, Jae! you worked soooo hard to get us in our house and make it a comfy, happy place. i love you so much!

**pictures to come soon sometime in the near future. for now, here's baby girl and daddy snuggling :)


  1. Hooray!! I can't wait to see more pictures :)

  2. I want to see it! Maybe Saturday I'll have to just drop by....