3 things

1. i am now breathing easier - i had to give a talk in church this past sunday. i haven't done that since i was probably 17. it was a little nerve-wracking, but i think it ended up going ok! thank goodness it's over. and yes, that's why i was side-tracked all last week. trying to keep my anxiety level down :)

2. jae and i hardly got any sleep last night. we were up and down and up and down. and numero 3 will explain why...

3. we got a new PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man. she's a sweetheart. we have got to get her trained on a few things, of course, but we're working on it. her name is Zoey and she is a dachshund/chihuahua mix and she is itsy bitsy and we just LOVE her.

{sorry for the poor phone picture quality}


  1. Well she is just adorable! I can't let Matt see this--he's all set on getting a puppy, and I'm just thinking it's not for me...but yours sure is cute!!

  2. Good luck with the training! That's got to be rough stuff. I want to meet her so bad!!

  3. How adorable is she!! I have a dachshund who I love to pieces.. you will definitely fall in love with your pup (if you haven't already) xo


  4. She is the cutest thing ever!! How exciting & busy for you guys!