our house: we gots lights, yo

sooo wanna come party at our house?
we can now.
because we have light!

it's super awesome. the electrician came (back) and put in our kitchen, dining room, living room, main bathroom, and master bedroom lights! it's amazing how nice it is to just flip a switch and have light as opposed to hauling lamps around to plug in wherever we're working or whatever. and tomorrow he's coming back to finish installing the fixtures in the laundry area, half bath, and a second one in the main bath.oh and to hook up our dishwasher. it's like the coolest thing ever. having light. yep.

yes, we realize our light looks pretty ghetto with lightbulbs missing...
they'll be in shortly!

and yes, there is still a fridge in the middle of our living room.

the plastic is still on it, so there's a nasty glare, but the inside has sweet pictures of
old super decorative doorways and such. it's way cool.

and then on top of having light, we have kitchen cabinets!!!!!!!!!!

who knew kitchen cabinets could be so exciting?? we're still working on the details (like shelves and cabinets/drawer doors and such) but all the boxes are up! ooh and we have the sweet soft-close hinges that keep them from slamming closed.


we had to have the vanity for our main bathroom custom built because of the lame, small, weird space. the guy making it happens to live just down the street from us, which is so nice, and he brought that over yesterday to make sure the box fits right. and it does! so now, over the next couple of weeks, he'll get the drawers and doors and all of the rest of it made and installed. we're super excited. this neighbor of ours is awesome. so awesome that he actually spent his entire saturday at our house, helping us install our kitchen cabinets. just because he's so cool like that. we owe him BIG.

and of course, some more painting was done. at this point, all that's left to paint are the other two bedrooms - yahoo! those bedrooms aren't getting painted until after we move in, which means as far as painting is concerned, we're ready to move in! too bad everything isn't move-in ready yet...

anyway, this is our teeny tiny half bathroom. it's so little and dark and cave-like, i wanted to paint it with a bright color to help it be less cave-like. what do you think? it's like an orangey-yellow-peach color. ish. depending on the light.

cheers to having very few things left to do until moving day!  :)


  1. Oh, yay!! When can we come over and see it?!

  2. It's looking good! I was just asking Leslie when you'd get to move it.

  3. Oh my gosh, look at your cute custom house!!! It is looking amazing!!

  4. how fun! i love a good home renovation! and the inside of that pendant shade is so cool!