addicted to the greek

i have never been a yogurt person.
i've tried and tried.
i've wanted to like yogurt.
it's a handy, easy snack, not to mention much healthier than other snack food options.
but more often than not, i just can't choke it down.
something about the slimy, gooey, half-between-a-liquid, half-between-a-solid food.
nope. can't do it.

until i met Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt.

it is HEAVENLY people.
seriously, anyone else have the yogurt eating problem?
you must try this kind!

it is a thicker consistency, so it doesn't give you the yucky, too runny feeling going down your throat.
it's got a slightly more tart taste than regular yogurt, but not too tart at all.

my favorite flavor-styles?
vanilla, key lime, strawberry, raspberry.
{note: do NOT get the 'fruit on the bottom' ones...no bueno}


where were you all my life, oikos greek yogurt??
i'm sure some of you think i'm totally off my rocker by now, but i just can't help it.
i love it that much.
many people i work with love it too (these are people that have always been yogurt haters like me), and they eat it every day! 

best part?
it's fat free.

no, i didn't get offered any cash and/or yogurt reward for doing this post.
which means yes, i am a freak who did just willingly do a post entirely devoted to my new discovery.

happy mid-week my friends. 
now go try the yogurt.

{best deal is at walmart - $1/each. you're welcome.}


  1. I've tried all different kinds of the nonfat Greek yogurt and think they're just gross. But I'll have to give this one a chance.

    Have you ever tried full-fat Greek yogurt? It's to die for! Obviously you need to eat it in smaller quantities, but for me it's worth it. With fresh fruit, it's better than ice cream for me!

  2. torrie go try it!! and really only the vanilla kind is nonfat. the other flavors have some fatty in them. but surprisingly, i really think the vanilla is my favorite!

  3. i like it mixed with other things (like in breakfast smoothies), but the kind i got to eat by its self was gross. but that was because it was sweetened with splenda (yuck). so i might have to give it another try and we shall see. but i like regular yogurt too, so there ya go! :)

  4. Ha! I was totally going to write a post about my love of Greek yogurt. My brand: Zoi (it's for life! is what the container says). I developed my addiction before I looked at the nutrition facts, and when I finally decided that something that good had to have something bad about it, I saw that there were 19 grams of fat per serving! GLad you are addicted to something healthier. :)

  5. Hi Mara! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!! So much fun to meet another girl with such an awesome name. :-)

    And I LOVE greek yogurt too!! I usually buy the fat free Fage yogurt, it's got alot more protein that regular greek yogurt. I use it in the morning for smoothies. But if i'm going to eat it alone, I like Chobani and the general Trader Joe's brand. So good, especially with chopped almonds or granola!