something cool

so for those of you that aren't utahans, like myself, there's a radio station that has 'friends of the program' join their show in the mornings. they talk to these people, ask them random questions to get to know them, and their last question is for them to think of something unique about themselves that might make them go "oh, really? wow that's neat". i always wonder if i ever went on that show (which i wouldn't, but you know, hypothetically speaking) what would i tell them that's unique about myself?

it couldn't be just any random thing, i don't think. with radio people, i feel like they'd be a lot harder to impress somehow, and i would have to think of something really interesting to really perk their interest. do you agree? so i always think to myself, what would i say?

{enter blogpost about random things about myself.... :)}

so i've tried to come up with a few. they're not that great, to be honest, but i'm just not a crazy-exciting-interesting-wowzers kinda person i guess! here's what i came up with.

*i can shake my eyeballs back and forth at super speeds! (more just 'weirdo' than 'cool', i know)

*i'm married to a man that has the same birthday as not just one, but TWO of his brothers. AND they're all 4 years apart (4 years from first to second, 4 years from second to third. and ok ok so i know that would be more Jae's than mine, but i'm claiming it anyway)

*i was thrown off the back of a motorcycle, rolled many times, and walked away with just some nasty scars (probably more just lucky rather than cool. it wasn't that cool.)

*i started playing in the organ in church when i was 12

*i share my first name with a rabbit of sorts....more specifically a 'patagonian hare'. neat. i will even show you: (see the resemblence??)

so as you can see, i have exactly five zero things that are of the cool/unique/interesting/wowzer levels. i'm not sure how i feel about this. what cool things could you guys tell about yourselves? go ahead, tell me. i dare you to beat my coolness.


  1. HAHA! This post made me laugh. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to top any of those. The Hare one took the cake, and the one about Jae, that's totally cool. and weird.

  2. Jordan thinks the birthday thing sucks. Especially being the youngest of the 3.

  3. 1 have only one question about this post, what on earth is 9 months prior from those boy's birthday's??! HOLY SMOKES, thats pure craziness!!

    Here are a few RANDOM facts about yours truley:
    1. I've did a workout routine WITH Arnold Schwarzenegger
    2. When i was 17, i served an Spanish speaking LDS mission in Louisville, KY
    3. My bladder was inside out when i was born.
    4. Eric and I helped save someone from a heroin overdose in a grocery store parking lot on our way in to buy dog food.

  4. DANG dana, yours are way better than mine! haha we should get together and further discuss some of these things.... :)

  5. Wow...these require some thought. The only thing I can think of is that I have a birthmark on my shoulder shaped exactly like a butterfly. But...I think we can both do better, Mara, if we give it some thought. Because we're pretty awesome people.

  6. haha haley i think you're right. i'll keep thinking...