nail polish

so there's this mom.
i don't even know her name.

she's a mom of a dancer at the studio that i work at.
she stays here and hangs out at the studio during her daughter's class.
she must be in school because she's usually doing some sort of homework and/or reading while she waits the hour for her daughter.
she's always been nice, but i haven't had a ton of interaction with her before.

today, as she was sitting in her usual spot, i noticed she was painting her nails this super cute seafoam green color.
so as i passed her while walking down the hall, i told her how cute it was and that i really like that color.

a few minutes later, she comes up to me in the office and offers her polish to me so i can also paint my nails.
really? you want me to use some of your brand new nail polish?
i'm pretty much almost a total stranger to her.
she just wanted to be so sweet. and she was.

i happened to have unpolished nails the last few days, and haven't gotten around to painting them yet.
so i happily accepted her offer, and now my nails are painted a lovely seafoam color, and i have a little bit more umph in my step.

i'm sure she has no idea, but she really just made my day.


  1. I love hearing stories like this - it reminds me to do nice things for people when i think about it...even if it's something small! Thanks for sharing!

  2. that is super nice of her! and i love that shade, i have a variation (different brand) of that color and i love it!

  3. seriously loved this story. made my day too now :) aaaand of course the polish is lovely

  4. I have 3 different shades of seafoam nail polish (all OPI) if you ever want to borrow them! I had something similar happen to me at work once, it made my day too. :)