our house: week 15876984

ok, so we haven't been working on our house for that many weeks.
it just feels like it sometimes.

here's what's been going on the last couple of weeks:

mirror/medicine cabinet
{isn't it perrdy?}

it was a little rough going in, and since then i've had nightmares of it
falling out of the wall and shattering all over the tile.
thankfully it's still intact.

it's even mirrored inside. neat.

kitchen cabinets
what we had to start with...

good thing the Oveson's came to help us

soooo maybe we re-did this cabinet twice, making three times total.
you can call us pros.

us women were really helpful & productive & stuff the WHOLE time

we got all the cabinets put together!
(minus the drawers, shelves, and doors
which will go on after installation)

our bathroom sink finally got delivered!

half bath vanity

all done! it's itsy bitsy & super cute

almost all of this done while it stormed outside all day


  1. YAY! :)
    Congratulations. :)
    Looks great so far.

  2. cute!


  3. that vanity is LOVELY! Can't wait to see how everything ends up looking :) I'm loving your style so far...