our house: tile & grout!

just a quick update before we head out of town.
yes, that's China. in a matter of hours.
can i get a yahoo??!!!

we've been working on painting and tiling still.
turns out when you have multiple rooms to paint & tile,
multiple coats of both primer and paint,
and multiple steps in every process for everything we do,
it takes awhile to get it all done!


so here are just a couple new pictures of our lovely tile!
and if, for some reason, you don't find it lovely like we do,
then just lie and say it is.
thanks :)

ahhhh...nothing like fresh grout...

next time we chat, we'll either be in the land of asians
(not sure if the blogosphere works over there very well) or back home!

don't forget about or
miss us too much!!


  1. Your house is coming together so beautifully! I remember how much work it is to buy a fixer-upper and to actually fix it up! you guys are like super heros! it looks fantastic! have so much fun in china!!!

  2. Yahoo!!! Bring me back a fortune cookie :)

  3. Looks nice! Have a safe, incredibly trip. :)

  4. Everything looks awesome!! You have fun now :)

  5. Looks awesome. Have a great trip love! XOXO

  6. Your house is looking great! I have missed getting all these updates! Can't wait to hear all about your exciting trip.