christmas 2011 {pt. 3 aka last one, i promise}

ah, finally. christmas day.
we started the morning by opening a few more presents with my parents, having some breakfast real quick, and sending the mr. off to work (boo).

Jae's day mostly consisted of work.
while Jae was at work, my day consisted of going to my sister's house to see what her kiddos got from santa, going to church, taking a nap, and having my other sister and her kiddos come over to open their presents.

mom & dad opening presents.
i just love dad's pose in this.
Jae said he looks like he should be in a
Beatles magazine or something haha

mom & dad with their gifts from us
{can opener - very needed, 'HYDE' brand putty knife (which is my dad's name),
a set of 4 cat mugs for mom (long story haha) and a little christmas magnet/ornament}

Jae opening his present from vintage pearl
(i tried to convince him i got him pearls.
he didn't believe me)

well, he was right. no pearls for Jae.
i got him some new cufflinks, customized with an "H"

new jammies!

fireman River

Tobi knows exactly what to do with his presents!

Zack's new knight armor get up

miss Clara, her new doll, & me

Jae got done with work, and we headed up to his mom's house for christmas dinner and more present opening with his family. it was a beautiful ham meal (which jae ate his serving plus more of) with her usual - rainbow jello (no, i didn't get a picture of it before it was being eaten. next time). not to mention my favorite part - the homemade rolls.

have i ever told you how much i love rolls? that could probably be a post all by itself. i might have to do that...

anyway, here's the rest of our christmas evening in pictures:

the lovely table pre-meal

mr. claus himself, sneaking into the candies

mr. Ben sporting his new kicks
(with eyes closed! very tricky)

Jae opening his new toy - a miter saw!

i think Blue had the right idea

i'll try my best to shorten my christmas post(s) for next year, i promise :)
hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend as much we did.

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