christmas 2011 {pt. 2}

on saturday, christmas eve, we really didn't have any plans with family. all of the plans were for the day before and the day after. so jae and i took advantage and worked on the house for a few hours, getting in some more painting time.

i suggested, since we didn't have any particular dinner plans, that we go out to dinner! on a real date! not just like, wendy's or subway.

so, after getting all showered and perdy, out we went! to where?
olive garden, of course :)

we both decided to be a bit daring and veer away from our usuals to try something new. and they were pretty good choices! daredevils, we are.

my choice - baked chicken romano
(it's one of their specials right now; you should really go try it
before it's gone!)
jae enjoying a scrumptious breadstick.
you can kind of see what his food was..
something seafood with shells and
things like that.
why, black tie mousse cake, of course!
my personal fav

after dinner, we drove our stuffed selves back home to start our christmas day a bit early and open our presents for eachother. jae had to work christmas day (like ALL day, but whatever) so we decided to do presents christmas eve night rather than cram them all in in the morning before he left for work. and honestly, it was really nice. just the two of us, sitting in bed, opening our gifts for eachother. i enjoyed it a lot.

with all our $$ being sucked into our money pit of a house
that we bought this year and our upcoming trip overseas,
we opted for the stockings-only approach for christmas this year.
jae displaying our stash

i've decided i like christmas eve even more than christmas day. it's a holiday, but the day before the big holiday. so it's exciting and fun, but you have so much more to look forward to in the day to come, too! know what i mean? i'm not crazy right? good. glad you agree.


  1. I absolutely adored doing the whole Christmas/stockings/presents thing with just the two of us. It was the most magical Christmas I've had in a long time!

  2. I laughed out loud at the "real date" vs wendy's...because that is SO me and ted!