christmas 2011 {pt. 1}

christmas this year was a little bit abnormal for us, it seemed. between family schedules, work schedules, and family drama, it wasn't quite what we expected.

but it was a great christmas, nonetheless! definitely memorable.

so i'm going to break this down by days. and since pictures usually do better at the talking than i, here are a few of the highlights from our holiday weekend, starting with friday, the 23rd.

my family had a breakfast-for-dinner dinner, which was amazing (my idea, thank you very much!). we gathered at my sister, kellie's, house and made some delicious pancakes and french toast, with all the extras of course.

daddy & i making some pancake mix.
it's a very serious ordeal.

cinnamon french toast.
my tummy is growling as we speak...

papa fred is the pancake specialist.
i tried to get him to smile for the camera
and this is the best i got.
he wouldn't cooperate.
(he was pretty much telling me to get lost)

haha i couldn't resist posting this.
oh that hana. this is so classic her.
she's kind of a freak!
and we love it.

the little people table.

the big people table.
jae thought i was zoomed in, hence the leaning over.
turns out i wasn't zoomed in,
so jae just looks awesome basically.

i  LOVE breakfast.
and those cute name tags my niece quinn makes!
don't you just love little people handwriting?

and what is any family dinner without dessert?
this is literally a carton of ice cream dumped out on a place
with melted chocolate drizzled on top.

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  1. you and your dad are crackin' me up in that first picture -- so serious about making the food!! so funny and awesome!