a {christmas} tender mercy

life can be hard sometimes.

sometimes it feels like we are trying our hardest to do what's right.
and then crap happens.
{like you get $1000 worth of kitchen cabinets stolen
and insurance won't cover them! but i'm not still bitter about it...}

well, today i was reminded how important it is to have faith.
and just believe your good works will all be worth it in the end.
and you will be rewarded.

when leaving today to drive down to our house to do some more work,
i found this stuck in my car door handle:

confused, i opened it & showed jae.
he, too, was confused.
and we were both so surprised at what we found..

no note, no signature, no name.
just a plain christmas card with a $100 bill.
and that, my friends, is what we call the true spirit of christmas.

thank you to our anonymous donor.
i will never forget this.
i hope & pray you all feel the spirit of christmas like jae & i have experienced today.


  1. i super love this. so sweet and what a blessing. merry christmas friend, i'm glad i got to see you last night!

  2. I am so glad that someone did this for you. You two are wonderful and I love you so much!!