{wannabe} book worm

so i officially just finished reading the third and final book from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.
and holy wow...
that's about all i have to say.
that was a pretty intense set of books.
i know, i'm a bit behind. i'm sure some of you are like, yeah, i read those like last year.
i'm a little slow jumping on the bandwagon, and apparently jump on after it's already passed. {how that works, i'm not exactly sure..}
there was a lot of garbage in those books. like A LOT. and by gargabe, i don't mean like, bad book-writing or anything, just some seriously icky stuff. but if you skim past those parts, the story line is pretty awesome in all three of them.
i think i liked the third the best of all the game. good story. good intrigue. {is that even spelled right??}
so anyway, now that i finally finished my three books, i need another book to read.

is it weird or dumb or lame or whatever other word you'd like to insert that my first instinct is to pick up a book that i've already read and liked and read it again? i want to expand and find new books and love new books.
but i also sorta just wanna keep my list of books that i love the way it is and re-read a few of them.
i've never really been one to read books during all the big hype when they are first 'discovered' by the whole world, hence i have yet to read 'the help', for example. although i have heard {from the whole world, i think} that it's pretty spectacular. and i don't doubt that it is. but i don't know if i'm feelin it yet or not.
weird? probably.

sooo i shall search my brain for other books that i've stashed away in my 'future books to read' list and see what i come up with. i am also planning on raiding my sister's library to see if anything jumps out at me. i do enjoy having a book to read.
ideas??....cuz i know you have them and you're just dying to share them with me ;)


  1. i'm so the same way that i just want to re-read the books i already love. for instance -- i'm re-reading all the harry potter books because they are by far my favorite.

    the help is a great book, but read it when you are ready to. other than that, i don't have many suggestions because i haven't read much lately (other than HP, of course...) oh -- wait! vince just finished a series that he really liked... um, but i can't think of what its called. so i will get back to you on that.

  2. Have you read the Time Traveler's Wife? If you're looking for a "passed" band wagon to jump on, that's a good one. I too wait until the band wagon has passed to jump on. I haven't read the girl with the dragon tatoo series because I've been told about the violent sex stuff and I find I have a really hard time getting that crap out of my head when I read it. I think reading is almost worse than seeing for me. It's like the only part of the book I can remember is the disturbing sexy parts. I don't know that I'll ever read that series.
    Some others I've enjoyed: The Uglies/pretties/specials series. and almost anything else by Scott Westerfeld. I love his Leviathan series and the last one just came out last month! I liked the Eragon series too. It does have dragons and fantasy, but it was fun. oh! You MUST read I Am The Messenger--written by the same guy that wrote the Book Thief. Oh, and The Book Thief if you haven't read that one. Though the books are totally different. I also randomly picked up a book called Something Missing about an OCD burglar that I LOVED.
    Hope those help. :)