talk to me.

it's tuesday.
and it has officially been a pretty lame day.
just one of those, ya know, when you're just tired and grumpy and nothing seems to go your way, which only encourages the grumpiness and yearning to be cuddled back in your bed for the rest of the day.
yes, definitely one of those days today.
here are some random thoughts for this lame tuesday...

i need a haircut. yes i need it so much that i had to make those words big sized. i would like to say i need a trim, but i'm afraid it's been so long that it's going to require something closer to a 'cut' then just a 'trim'. which makes me sad.

on the bright side, today the weather was beautiful. such a sunny, cool fall day. lovely.

the Mr. and i made (tentative) plans to go to...{drum roll please..} China for our next anniversary (which is in a couple months). YAHOO!!! excited. (Mr. - you better be able to get work off!)

in some ways, i'm kinda glad that the guys next door to the dance studio i work at were complete imbeciles today and gave me reason to yell at them. got rid of some of my aggression and frustrations.

i was listening to bluebird by sara bareilles today and it brought tears to my eyes. not sure why. just an emotional song listened to by an emotional girl, i guess. i told you - today was rough.

none of my watches currently work. the batteries are dead in every single watch that i own. and have been dead for quite some time now. secret??...i wore one of my watches today, knowing the battery was dead. just felt like it. kind of embarrassing when people notice i have a watch on and ask for the time. "well, my watch says it's 4:15, but it says that all the time, so maybe you shouldn't go by that.." maybe i should finally get some new batteries.

my fingernails are painted black right now. and i love it.

i had a pb&j for lunch and dinner today. i know...i'm still about 5 years old. and really healthy.

does it seem like every where you look/go/read/etc people are having babies? or talking about them? or getting pregnant?? man, i've noticed it a lot lately. i can't lie, it makes me want to join in the fun too. and then i remember that i don't have a house for a baby to live in even if i was ready to be pregnant.

i got a gift card from work for hitting my 5 year mark. i marched that gift card right to the mall and got me some new boots. they're the riding kind. and yes, everytime jae see's me in them, he asks me how the horse riding went. he's really funny, that jae.

it's now 6:50pm. that means in another hour and ten minutes i'll be done with my 13 hour work day. {until tomorrow, when i do it all again}
cannot wait.


  1. YES, babies are everywhere, everyone is having them. Old friends, new friends, two of my sisters are trying, their friends are trying, girls at work....seriously they are all over the place. I thought I was the only one who thought this. But it also makes me glad I'm not to that stage yet, it doesn't make me baby hungry it makes me want to enjoy my time with Shawn even more! Crap, I just realized a normal girl would be baby hungry....must be something wrong with me. PS I love your blog, love to read what you're thinking and it gives me the courage to do posts like this one...maybe.

  2. China?!! So exciting. And go start enjoying those beautiful fall days! They don't last long. We consider pb&j's one of our very favorite meals in this house. No shame there. :)

  3. yep, babies are everywhere. but i've been feeling that way for years (probably because i'm the youngest of 8 and i'm surrounded by babies) and i've been wanting for about just as long. *sigh* when the time is right...

    and holy awesome about china! hope it all works out (and doesn't lamely fall through like guadamala did for us. sad dance!)

    love bluebird. actually,i love that whole album. sara is the bomb dot com. and perfect for certain moods.

    love the random posts, they are some of my fav!

  4. first off...come to my house, i'll "trim" tjat hair right up for ya, THEN you can see me...holy smokes its been TOO LONG!!

    and China...AWESOME, i have a list ready for ya :)