this comes from Intermountain Healthcare's website (which happens to be my place of employment) and a co-worker shared it with our department. i really liked it and thought it was interesting, so i'm passing it on to you..

(from Terri Flint, Ph.D, director of Employee Health Services)

Have You Had Your Hug Today?
"My family hugs. We hug each other when we see each other and when we are saying good-bye. We like to sit by each other and tease by tickling. And there are times when I will drive two hours just to get a hug from my niece, Katie, because she gives really good hugs. It is said that you need four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth. I believe that hugs with your pets count also. My horse, Piney, will exhale on my cheek and his warm breath just fills me with love from head to toe. It counts for at least 25 hugs. I know there are some families that do not give hugs. (You can tell because when you go to hug them, they become cardboard figures.) I hope these people have found other means to feel comforted and nurtured. And if not, Piney is available! Have you had your hug today?"

now go ahead...give some love!

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