girlfriend shout-out

so i have this friend.
this friend is a girl.
so she's my girlfriend.

and she's pretty stinkin awesome.

and this is why...

so on friday, i was walking to my car after work. tied to my car door handle was this:

i was very confused, to say the least.
at first, i thought, hmmm, maybe someone got cars mixed up and this isn't really for me.
then i was like, well maybe it's from someone i work with. except it's not my birthday or anything, so that'd be weird.
maybe Jae? but he's in the middle of a busy work day and not in salt lake anyway, so i doubt he'd have driven clear up here.

{side note: i work at Primary Children's but don't actually park there at the hospital - we have to park offsite at a random UofU parking lot about 10 minutes away from the hospital and be shuttled into work}

i actually thought it might be my girlfriend because she lives not far away from where i park, but it's a huge parking lot with tons of cars and how would she be able to figure out where i was parked?? it'd take forever!

i was in a hurry, but i wanted to see who this present was from! so as i was driving, i was happy to find a card inside and quickly opened it. this is what it said:

She said,
"That's a lot of money
to spend on a purse,"
and i knew
we couldn't
be friends.

I'm glad we understand eachother.

then there was a little note from my dear girlfriend. this present really was meant for me!!!
in the bag:

oatmeal cream cookies {we used to buy boxes of these and eat the whole thing, just the two of us} and 2 cd's.

i cried.

there was no particular reason for this present, just because she's awesome and random and sweet.

love you mary elizabeth cleverly oveson  :)

 ps: you should know it was miss mary's birthday just yesterday, yet just the day before she was thinking of me and doing something oh so sweet for me. love that girl. (again) happy birthday mary!


  1. aw, thanks friend! i'm glad i could give you a fun surprise! :) love you!

  2. ps...mary elizabeth....i just stalked you little bit (yep, SURE DID!) and i kinda have a slight crish on your now, ha ha ha. LOVE your style, take me SHOPPING!

    (you, me, and mara. sounds like a perfect day to me!) :)

  3. that would be so fun! you guys would love eachother :) you two prob live closer together than to me!

  4. Good girlfriends are hard to come by, but an absolute necessity! So, so sweet.

    ps. Your new blog looks great!