our house: new things!

i haven't done a house update in awhile. i guess that's because i feel like we've hardly had any time to work on it lately. but here are a few things that have happened in the last month:

**sorry for all the crappy pics; they're from my phone**


can lights in the kitchen ceiling! all the electrical is done :)

washer & dryer hookup

a fan in the bathroom

getting the fireplace & chimney cleaned up

all clean! well, as clean as it's gonna get for now. i failed to take a pic before he started cleaning it. it was nasty and spider webby and ick. glad i didn't have to do it.

yes, that's a viney plant growing in from the outside into our house. great.
it's exciting to see the new things in our house. but it's so slow-moving, we're starting to go crazy!!! oh, and just to give you an idea of why things move so slow.....

yeah, can you see all those nails??? look real close. there's a KAJILLION of them! it's so much physical work and time to get the stupid floors up. luckily they're all up at this point. next step is to get the new subfloor down.

that might happen someday.

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