yesterday was this guy's....

BIRTHDAY!!! he's 59 and thrilled about it! haha

in case you didn't know, this is my daddy-o.
he's pretty much the best dad in the world.

he decided (and when i say 'he', i really mean the grandkids and grandma)
to have his bday lunch at the Mayan.

pretty much you go to the Mayan for the divers and the atmosphere.
hence the grandkids helped decide a lot.. ;)

dad got some of the usual...dress socks!

the rest of the crowd:

kids table

the birthday boy's table

crazy zack! notice the rather large bump & bruise on his forehead??

sister susan & me
 and now, for the desserts! yes, plural.

firework chocolate molten cake.
he's like a little kid, i love it!

of course, we brought in a traditional cake from Parson's to add to
 the Mayan's molten cake and caramel fried ice cream.
 the whole group!

minus Jae :(  dang work.
happy birthday papa!!
we love you!

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  1. Love the post! It was a fun afternoon! Love you Mar!