wednesday wandoms

yes, i said wandoms. had to make it go with wednesday somehow.
and that's what i came up with. so go with it.

*i really like to use white out. not like, the old-school brush white out, but the newer, too cool for school strippy kinda white out. it makes me really happy.

*i don't enjoy being to work by 645 in the morning.

*i just canNOT make myself be a yogurt fan. i've tried. different flavor styles, brands, light, not light. most of the time, i just don't dig it. but i wish i did.

*are we ever going to be done with our house? and then live in it??

*i think that some people thing that just because they wear tights or leggings that they'll make their short skirts somehow be longer. but they don't. now they just have different colored legs under their short skirts.

*our house..is it done yet?

*i wore a scarf to work today. i am very torn about it. it means it's getting cooler outside, which is ok. can't deny, the weather lately has been absolutely beautiful. but that also means snow is on the horizon. and that makes me cry a little bit.

*i always thought it was kind of strange (probably not the right word, but whatever) when people would say they were so busy every day, and there just wasn't enough time in the day for everything. i didn't really understand it, i guess. now i understand it and i'm saying it. and it's true - there isn't enough time in the day!

*i'm trying (again) to be a good, healthy eater. it's hard. especially when 3 or more days a week, ALL your meals are eaten from your sack lunch that you threw together at 6 that morning. microwave eggs are getting old, but it's all i've got to work with right now. i already told you about my yogurt problems.

*i went to the gym for the first time in (yikes) 3 months. i'll just leave it at that.

*i'm FINALLY done training the newby at work who took over my old job. thank the heavens above!

*i'm going to attempt zumba tonight for the first time. ever. should be interesting!

*did i mention to anyone how much i want to live in my own home? cuz i do.

*speaking of, jae and i have been eyeing a set of furniture for awhile now (couch, loveseat, chair) and they just so happened to go on 40% clearance. to splurge or not to splurge. hmmm.

*we went to olive garden with the lovely Jackson family this past weekend. it.was.amazing.

alright. back to work. or, need to start work, i guess i should say...

happy midweek ya'll

ps, how do we feel about this font? too much?


  1. First off, I hate that version of White-Out. Gimme the old-fashioned brush kind any day of the week.

    Second off, zumba is awesome. You will love it.

    Third off, I love you :)

  2. I hate when people wear short skirts with leggings at church. it drives me nuts! Nuts I tell you, NUTS!! And dinner was awesome!!

  3. i agree...leggings are NOT ok, ecspecially with SHORT CUT OFF SHORTS, serously??!

    and i laughed out loud at more than one of theese, THANKS!!

    ps, LOVE the font. i might use it on my blog if i can figure it out :)

  4. I liked the font :) Mostly I just love reading your random er wandom thoughts. And, I can't wait for you to be in your house...
    Did you love Zumba? I love it. I hope you loved it.