our house: playing catch-up

playing catch-up = MAJOR picture overload.

oh man. what a few weeks we've had. i'm officially exhausted! and so is Jae. i'm about to go to bed, but i want to post a few more pics of what we've been spending all our extra time doing:


ugh. i hate demo. it's so over-rated.

but anyway! this won't be very well put together, but here are a jumble of pics from the last 3 weeks.

after all the 'stuff' was out (aka what we had to work with in the beginning):
*pics taken by my phone. yep, still can't find the camera. so please excuse the crapiness*

front/living room.
yes, that wallpaper is like felt-y, fuzzy

front door

dining room

just to give you an idea how horribly disgusting the carpet was

kitchen. metal cupboards. stylish. and holy HEAVY.

other half of said stylish kitchen

teeny tiny half bath

bedroom. panelling & wallpaper were clearly staples in these people's decor.

yes, that's fake brick and carpet in the bathroom. win win eh!

no, there wasn't a fire. it's just dirt.
and who knows what else. comforting isn't it?

dining room. linoleum and glass squares. on the wall.

you're seeing correctly. that's a camera in our hallway!

this might possibly have been the best find in our whole house.
we named him 'el matador'. he used to reside on the wall inside the shower, just above the tub.
he's now in shambles somewhere. probably the dump. classy!

said tub. eek.
are you ready for one of the worstest, most horriblest, most disgusting parts of the whole house??

yup. that's it. the toilet in the carpet-covered bathroom. saved the best for last. YOU'RE WELCOME :)

now some more picture overload with everything we've been doing since the above photos...

hardwood under all that nasty carpet!

no, someone didn't die in here. we think.

Jordan! our best helper ever.
thank you again Jord!

more panelling and wallpaper coming down

glass pieces. really loud when they shatter on the ground.

gold felt wallpaper gone! hallelujah.

our pile of crap building in the yard pre-dumpster arrival

this big roll of carpet was half grown into the ground in front of the house.
we didn't even notice it for like a week! see pic below..

yep. that's where the carpet was grown into the ground. weird.

dumpster arrived! YAY

kitchen coming down

the neighbor's backhoe assisted in taking out the chain-link fence.
pays to live in west bountiful :)

oh no big deal. just a big hole in the floor where the kitchen sink was.

backhoe pulled out a big, prickly sticky bush for us

first hits to the kitchen wall!
(it's all out now)

remember that carpeted bathroom?? here she is now!

laundry area all wall-less

we decided taking out the entire kitchen floor would be best instead of just a piece.
Jae was glad to have an excuse to buy a sawzall!
phew. that was a lot. are you sick of it yet? cuz we sure are!!!


more pics to come soon.



  1. i love this post! #1 because I never realized you have the awesome arched doorways. I LOVE. #2 you've done so much work! hooray! #3 that means you are so much closer to having a livable home. Remember what that means???? yeah you do!

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  3. can honetsly say this makes me sad we aren't in the middle of this (can you believe that). this WILL be worth it and it CAN be done....i'm just glad others are just as crazy as us, maybe even craizer than us becuase your migt be a little rougher :)

    Here are all of our befre and afters

  4. love the house updates!! and i'm with les -- love the arched doorways, the house should look awesome when you are done (but holy crap, what a nightmare before!) so awesome -- keep the updates coming!

  5. Wow you have already done SOOO much!!! I love the update! You guys are awesome

  6. You've come a long way and it's only going to get better from here on out! You guys really are working your tails off and I'm proud of you! Tell me what else I can do to help...

  7. Is it sad that the "before" pics of the bathroom remind me of my mission? Ha ha!

    It's really coming along--I know you're going to love it even more when you're all finished just because of all the sweat and tears and time put into it. Can't wait to see the end result!