it's been a rough week.

i guess not anything too out of the ordinary this week.
but it's just felt like a really long, really mentally exhausting week.

you agree?

i've been wanting to blog more about the house and life in general.
seeing as our lives revolve around work and the house, 
that's pretty much all i have to blog about.

as most of you (probably?) know, i have a second job at a dance studio in NSL.
i'm 'officially' the office person/secretary/registrar/director of dancers/etc,
but as of late 
i've also become the fill-in-REALLY-last-minute, go-to dance teacher.
it's rough.
i haven't danced since high school, and only taught little girls for one summer.
so on tuesday, being the first day of the fall season
(guaranteed to be a bit crazy without saying)
when the teacher of the very first class
(about 15 minutes before said class)
texted me saying she had a flat tire on the freeway
and her spare was flat too....my heart sank a little. 
so, yup, in my black skinnies and t-shirt and bare feet,
i taught 1.5 dance classes
until they got an 'actual' teacher to fill in for the rest. 
i love dance. but teaching just STRESSES.ME.OUT!

on top of that, another teacher got his times mixed up and was a half hour late.
and on top of that, so many moms wait until 10 minutes before class starts
 to register their kid for class.
and buy her dance shoes.
and ask a gazillion questions. 
day two of classes went about the same.
ugh! PPLEEASE mothers - register before the first day of class!!!

uhhhh. glad i got that off my chest.

in other news, we think there's a good chance that there's a good amount of mold... 
in our house...
in places that, up until now, we weren't planning on tearing out the walls or floors or ceilings. 

i just wanna get to the dry wall phase!!! 
too much to ask??

why did we buy this house again?

oh yeah. it's cuz i really like the movie 'money pit' growing up 
and want to have my real life be just like it.
that must be why.


  1. Boo, mold! Love you guys. I hope things look up soon.

  2. sorry friend, that sounds so stressful!! its been an exhausting week for me too :( good thing the weekend is almost here!

    good luck with everything! and i'm free saturday if you need house-help (and ashley and i think we should have a girls lunch)!

  3. I watched Money Pit with Matt and he didn't even like it. What the??

    If it makes you feel better, I am 1000% positive that you would teach any dance class exactly one gazillion times better than I ever could. I would personally love to take a dance class from you. It would take me back to that one time when you made me go to your dance class as your partner instead of bringing in your hot boyfriend. That was fun.

  4. I laughed entirely too hard at your last paragraph. Money Pit is one of our favorite movies!

    Hang in there, things will get better! One day you will look back on all this (with the house) & laugh.