Maine reunion, pt. 2

a month later...(well, almost)

i'm finally going to post a few more pics from the rest of our trip to Maine. i know probably most of you don't really care to see these, but for my blogging/journaling purposes, i'm posting them anyway!

Jae & Liam

we love this boy!

making cookies with grandma - their favorite person in the world

Jae's lobster roll

my turkey, pepper, something else sandwich. only took an hour to get our food!

ice cream shop. reeeally excited!

Jae's pecan parfait and my chocolate cookie dough shake. uhhh. heaven.

our master griller!
well, that about sums up our trip in a nutshell! beach, grilling, naps, painting nails with the little girls, looots of food, family, games, pictures. ahhh. until next time, new england.


  1. Elizabeth talks about Jae's chicken all the time. When is he coming back to cook for us? Clearly, my chicken isn't cutting it.

  2. I just want to point out that James grilled for everyone one night too! :) The food was all super yummy! Miss new england.