our house: pre-ownership


people have been asking for pics of our new house. i figured we'd start with what it looked like before we bought it. these pics were taken while we were waiting to close, so before the old owners started moving out. this is what they lived like. this is the state they lived in. for YEARS AND YEARS.

**WARNING: it's gross. maybe even a little bit scary.
(i won't make the pics too big haha)

to make things even better, this pics don't even show you how really really DIRTY it is. i mean, you can obviously see these people were hoarders and the house was just full of everything and anything, but when everything was taken out and we walked in the first time after closing, it really set in how so totally gross and dirty it is. years and years of dirt and dust and grease and grime and cat urine (possibly people urine, too, who knows!) and who knows what else built up on the walls and floors. yup. gross.

now, i know some many of you are wondering why in the world we wanted to buy this house. sometimes when i'm in there scrubbing walls or crawling under the floors in the crawl space (EWWWW!!!!), i wonder the same thing. but we just felt right about it.

what else can i say?

it's coming along. we started demo exactly 2 weeks ago, and we're definitely moving in the right direction. veery sloooowly. but we are moving forward! we cannot WAIT to get things finished so we can actually live in our house that we're paying for :) the rest of the pics of the demo are all on my phone, which i have yet to transfer onto the computer. it's probably better to break up all this house craziness into different posts anyway!


  1. I still cannot get over the bathroom carpet! seriously whoever started that trend?...ew. I'm excited to see your progress!

  2. Duuude, that's crazy! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Keep the updates coming!

    Ryan G

    ps, please allow my new email address to see your blog! rygreenscoots@gmail.com

  3. nuts! how can people live like that?? i can't wait to see your progress! seriously, like ry said, keep the updates coming!!

  4. Speechless. Seriously! I sure hope they didn't have children that had to live in that!

    And I'm so sorry I never got back to you on the guy who did our flooring, Ryan thought he had the number in his phone, but he doesn't anymore. Hopefully you have found someone!

  5. ry - my blogs not private, so you shouldn't have any problem seeing it??

    no worries, whit, thanks though!! and no, no children were living there. this was 4 grown adults that let the house get to that point. yikes!

  6. wow, you sure do have your hands full! haha but the possibilities with a house are always endless :) your blog is adorable by the way, happy I found it :)!

  7. You are going to be so glad you have those nasty pics when you can't even remember when it ever looked like that! Good luck on all the remodeling :) I can't wait to see all the progress pics

  8. So i saw the pictures from the previous posting, HOLY CRAP! that is a TON of work! I can't wait to see it all finished! where did you buy the house? Well i am oober excited for you guys, that is so great!