to my papa

yes, i'm horribly late. i have no good excuse except it's been a bit of a crazy couple of days and i'm tired and don't have the big urge to blog. so finally i am.

what more can i say than i love my dad sooooo much. he sacrifices everything for his family, and has undconditional love like no one i've ever known. love you papa.

my cute dad holding his presents. the picture is a painting my niece, Quinn, did for him of a train. my dad has a thing for trains, and Quinn did a pretty amazing job!

Jae and I got dad tickets to the Bee's game this Saturday. seats are right behind home plate. i didn't have the tickets yet to give to him, so i made some up. they're a pretty lame attempt, but they did the job.

sister Kellie & her fam, Jae & i, mom & dad

this was the sky/sunset father's day evening. beautiful.

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  1. Wow gorgeous sunset! Yeah, your dad does rock Mar! :) Glad he had a good Father's Day.