do you want s'more??

no, actually. no i don't want s'more!

Jae and i have had a pretty crazy week. to sum it up: i got a new job and we made an offer on a house (that we saw for the first time on monday) and by the next morning, our offer was accepted. YIKES!!!

i'm still at Primary Children's, but i'm a clinical charge audit analyst now. basically, a little less 'data stuff' and a little more chart/patient account auditing. it was a really tough decision, but i'm super excited about it and can't wait. and yes....it's a pay raise!! can't argue with that! official transfer date is july 10th....stay tuned for an update on the new jobby job soon.

and now - the house! it's kind of a long back-story, but basically our agent has a house in his own neighborhood that he was about to list, and told us we should come see it first. that was monday night. tuesday night, we made an offer, and by 10am wednesday morning, our offer was accepted. talk about craziness!! we are suuuper excited, BUT there are still a lot of things up in the air. the house is in pretty bad shape. we think structurally, it's fine, but the people in it now are total hoarders and have a couple cats...enough said. of all the houses we've looked at over the last few months, we kind of surprised ourselves that we almost immediately picked this one. it's just felt right and things have been falling into place. the inspection is monday. we will know a lot more after that's done, so i CANNOT WAIT. update on that to come, also.

so last night to kind of wind down and relax a little, we decided to have a little campfire and roast some mallows. we didn't really want to go too far or pay, so we made a little fire in our store-bought fire pit in the backyard. and can i just be honest?? i really don't care for s'mores. i love roasting mallows, they're real tasty. i tried to give the whole s'more deal another chance last night, but they're just not my favorite. jae, on the other hand, loves them. am i crazy? that's ok. i'm fine with just eating the mallows.

tonight we're off to the bee's game.
how's your weekend going?


  1. yay for new jobs! yay for houses! and yay for firepits! sounds like an excellent week (although, i'm sure exhausting!) let's go to lunch next week, yeah? so we can chat about all these juicy details!!

  2. Congrats on both the pieces of good news! Look at you guys, all old and buying houses and having real jobs and stuff...maybe I'll be like that someday. Maybe.

  3. Awesome news! Can't wait to see pics of the house and hear about the jobby job.

  4. Congrats on your house and the job! So so very exciting. Can't wait to see pictures.

    And yes, I think you are crazy for not liking s'mores! Who doesn't like gooey chocolate and a toasted marshmallow with a little gram cracker? :) What a fun weekend.

  5. Congrats, guys! So excited for you to have your own house. That's a big step!

    And I don't like s'mores either.