Mud Run 2k11

weekend before last, we went to cali to run in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run! it was my third year running it, but the first time Jae ran it with me! yay!! Jae's brother Jordan ran it this year too. he creeeamed us, finishing about a full hour before Jae and i. embarrassing, i know. Jae would've finished much sooner than he did if it hadn't been for me. poor Jae.

if you didn't know, i have horrible crappy old woman knees. i can run pretty good for about 2 miles, and then they start hurting. the more i push it, the more they hurt. sucks big time. i was hoping this year, since i trained much more before the race than the first 2 years that they wouldn't get so bad, but i was sadly mistaken. by about mile 3, i was feeling some serious pain, and pretty soon after that, i couldn't do much of anything but walk like a retard. for some reason, it makes them hurt less if i can keep them more straight and not bend them, so you can imagine what i look like trying to do that. yuuup.

in case you don't know much about the mud run, here's a recap for you: it's a 10k (6.2 miles) on the military base camp. it's full of mud and water and you climb a couple 5 foot walls and swim across a part of a lake and (army) crawl through tunnels and more fun stuff like that! Jae asked me why i keep wanting to do it since my knees kill so bad. it's just really awesome! that's really all i can say. it's about the atmosphere, it's about where the money's going that they raise from it. and let's be honest - it's about the only thing that really encourages me to work out and be active somewhat regularly.

anyway, we finished, and i beat my time from last year, which was my goal, so it was all good! although jae said i couldn't run it again until i get my knees checked out. cuz 'they're not normal' as he puts it. we'll see about that.

here are a couple before/after from the race. we did take a waterproof camera with us, we just have yet to get the pics developed. it's been a crazy week.

funny story about Jae's shirt - it was just waaay more tight than we thought when we bought it. it was pretty hilarious. and then there's Jordan's shorts....

the weather was pretty much solid clouds the whole time, but sunday the sun finally came out and it was nice. still only low 70's, but at least there was sun! so we headed to carlsbad to go to the beach. and that's when it happened. one word: sunburn. we both spent the rest of sunday in our hotel room, watching the burns get worse and worse. finally Jae went to the gas station across the street and bought aloe, and we spent the rest of the night putting aloe on eachother, during which i pretty much cried cuz i was so sick and hurt and FREEZING cold with chills. it.was.awful. and just for the record, i am still peeling. here are some other randoms from the trip...

sitting in the train station, downtown san diego

train station. it was neat.

going to get on the train!

riding the amtrak from san diego to oceanside

Jae claims i always take pictures of him eating. so this was his way at getting back.

shrimp basket. they took him forever to eat, but he ate every.last.one.

my delish chicken/bacon/avocado burger

jord & chels. going to stock up on carbs the night before the race.

reward after the race. this was also followed by coldstone.

pier in oceanside

tons of fisher people lining the pier. they were weird...

Jae thinks this pic is hilarious cuz i didn't know it was being taken or that he was waving like a dorkus :)

sushi!! one of Jae's fav pics from the trip haha. sorry, Jord and Chels!

carlsbad state beach. let the burn begin...

put my jacket on a little too late. damage done. but it was still pretty.

how awesome is this?? i put sunscreen on Jae's back and he put it on his stomach/chest. clearly we didn't meet in the middle, and this was the result. HILARIOUS.
overall, the trip was still a trip, and we did enjoy it. of course, it didn't last long enough, but still nice to get away for a few days. by the way, the train was fun! way more room and way more comfortable than a plane ride. highly recommend it.

ok, ok fine. i guess if i'm dumb enough to not wear sunscreen and get positively fried, it's only fair to show a pic of my ridiculous face. so here it is. don't laugh too much.

yes. i clearly wore big aviators for the entire 2 hours we were at the beach. gonna have these lines for awhile, i'm afraid.

until next year, mud run.


  1. so fun! im so bummed we couldnt go this year. this is the first time i havent gone since we first went back in 2004. ah, breaks my little mud-runnin' heart.

    and soooo sad about your burn! but the good news is, its looking a lot better now since those pictures! :)

  2. The burn pictures made me laugh. But they look like they hurt like hell.

  3. What a fun trip, but Mara, that burn! Ouchie! Hope you are healed and all better now. :)

  4. Oh Mara, I won't lie and tell you I didn't laugh at the burn picture, but I also feel very bad for you. Looks like fun though :)