shout-out for my momma's

i know it's a bit late, but i didn't want to just let this year's mother's day pass without giving a huge thank you to the woman who brought  me into this world.

my mom is anything but selfish. her life completely revolves around everyone else, which most importantly includes her grandkids and her pets. i'm seriously not sure what she would do without them! she's always trying to help others in any way she can, and puts her needs/wants second. you're a beautiful person, mom, inside and out, and i know i was put in just the right family with just the right mom to help me through this life.

i also must mention my mother in law. she raised 5 boys (and one girl too) mostly on her own, and that is something of an accomplishment in itself. she's a hard worker, and has taught her kids the importance of that, as well as responsibility and integrity. she's a good example to us all.

i may not be a mother (yet) myself, but i have some amazing examples all around me for when i am. thanks so my mom's and all the mom's out there. you guys are AMAZING!! i look up to you all. xo.

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