so this is totally random, but it just made me so happy, i have to share.

i was reading a friends (private) blog, and she wrote a post about her and her hubby's 2 year anniversary. it was so so cute - she included a bunch of things they've accomplished in their 2 years so far, and how they're excited for the future, etc etc.

well, one of the comments on that post was from her grandpa, and he said:

"as great as it is, it still gets better."

doesn't that just make your heart melt?? i'm just a mushy push-over lately, i guess, but with these 3 weddings coming up this weekend, i have wedding/marriage/husband brain, and that little, simple comment from someone that seems to have had a happy, loving marriage for many years just put a smile on my face and gives me great hope and excitement :)

{s - hope you don't mind i shared this!! xo}


  1. way cute! ahh, it really does just better and better each year and to hear that from someone who has been married a long time like him is awesome!! too cute!

  2. oh mars! hope you don't mind if i call you mars...this rockin cyber friendship we have going on has inspired me to call you by an endearing nickname :)
    this post made MY heart melt -- i love knowing that there are people out there that are hopeless romantics just like me! there is nothing better in this world than love. period. that comment about marriage "still getting better" gives me great hope and excitement too! thanks for posting this!

  3. haha oh sarah. you're more than welcome to call me mars or whatever nickname you want. let's be honest - this cyber relationship is pretty serious ;) xo.