blog envy

i'm having some pretty serious blog envy today.

i look at all these fabulous blogs by all these fabulous women/wives/moms. so cute and fun and new and smart and crafty and stuff. and i look at mine and my blogging/crafting/creative skills. and realize i kinda suck.

i wish i was more crafty. i don't even have little chillins yet, so i should have plenty of time to explore/expand my creative part of my life, right? but i don't. why don't i?? good question.

i just want to be like you, ok?!?!!

the end..


  1. oh man, i know what you mean! that's why i'm always changing my blog look.

    it can come with time, getting more crafty. when we are both mama's we can do crafty things with our kiddos together! fun times!

  2. I go through phases where I get blog envy but then I try to remember the reason why I even blog in the first place... to keep a record of what is going on in my life and for an outlet for expression.... NOT a popularity thing/see how many comments I can get type of thing. Though, I do feel validated when people comment,lol.

    Keep on blogging girlfriend!

  3. you're not alone girlfriend! i feel that way all the time!! for what it's worth, i LOVE your blog!

  4. I get that way too. But think of it this way someone could be having blog envy to you.

  5. You are too hard on yourself my dear! When you are a boring stay at home mom you have to find things to keep you occupied. :)

    I however love your blog and think you do great work!