friday the thirteenth

i woke up this morning (not even remembering it was friday the 13th, cuz really i don't really care about all that rubbish) and was in high spirits! and i want to tell you all the reasons why:

*it's FRIDAY
*we got to wear JEANS to work today!! (courtesy of employee appreciation week)
*i slept in an extra 30 minutes this morning, and still made good time to work!
*i get to go to the ballet tonight with my lovely sister, Kellie
*it's WARM outside, and will eventually be HOT too!
*i get to watch a bunch of fellow employees put on what is sure to be a ridiculous fashion show
*we get free ICE CREAM today (again - we're {apparently}much appreciated this week at work)

i considered that a pretty good list to start off my morning with!! then i remembered it was friday the 13th, and decided it was lame and who cares, cuz today's gonna be a good day!

and then i found out about the bad news.

my good friend and hairdresser, Cara, had to put her sweet dog, Milo, to sleep this morning. it probably sounds kind of silly, making a friend's dog's death such a big deal, but Jae and i house-sit/dog-sit for Cara. we've come to know and love her two babies, Milo and Bella VERY well. Milo had been having multiple seizures and they found a tumor in his brain. thus, decided it was best to put him out of his misery. i'm so sad!! Milo was so very sweet. he was always so happy to see us and was one of the best cuddlers i've ever known. you will be missed greatly, Milo. thanks for being so good to us :)

i'm determined to still have a good day! the sunshine does wonders for the soul, and i'm planning on spending as much time outdoors as possible. here's to you, Milo!

hope you all have a REALLY GOOD day today :)

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  1. Losing a dog you are close to is so much harder than you would imagine.

    We lost our little maltese Minnie a few months ago. She had been with our family for 11 years. I cried for days.

    Thank goodness the sunshine is out!