date night!

as some of you may already have known, Jae (and i - i take partial responsibility because i washed those nasty teenager-sweat-soaked jerseys every week) coached our ward's YM's basketball team this past season. we took them all the way to the stake championship and won! the boys thought that was great. anyway, as a thank you, which was totally unexpected, the parents of the boys got an olive garden gift card for us! how nice, eh? i think we could coach again if we're getting sweet thank-you's like that! so last night we decided to have a date night and hit up olive garden.

i didn't get any pics of our yummy food. let's be honest, i was just really excited to eat it, there was no time for fiddling with cameras. i did, however, get the camera out for the dessert! we hardly ever indulge in a dessert (i mean, $6-7 for one slice of something??) but we haven't had a nice night out in awhile and half our meal was being paid for already, so we went for it. at olive garden, i usually go with the black tie mousse cake. you canNOT go wrong with that one. but i wanted to be daring and try something new. so we picked this:

white chocolate raspberry cheesecake
and it was a fine choice! we enjoyed it thoroughly. but not before our waiter gave us a mini photo session ha! he was an awesome waiter (is it 'er' or 'or'??...) he was super on top of things and entertaining, but not to the point of annoying, and he saw me pull out the camera, so he insisted jae come sit by me and he sat at our table and took pics of us with our dessert. what a goof! it was pretty funny. even one of the other waiters snuck in behind us in a couple pics, which we didn't realize til after! here are a few...

needlesstosay, he definitely got a nice tip :)

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  1. cute! you guys are adorable. and hilarious of that waiter to photo-crash!

    we went to olive garden last weekend with a giftcard we'd gotten too -- thats always the best because you feel like you can splurge! we got an appetizer and dessert too, it was ammmmmmazing. you should try their lemon mousse cake cup things -- they are amazing and they aren't too unhealthy either!