i feel a bit silly blogging about how i feel overwhelmed about my brother-in-laws wedding this weekend. it's not even my wedding! i've done next to nothing to help out with preparations for it. i haven't been asked to do much this week, or the day of for that matter, yet i'm still stressing. wanna know why??


and it's stressing me out!! no, i'm not a bridesmaid. i've only been asked to wear something in their wedding colors. i've ordered two dresses online, had a skirt option that my mother-in-law bought, and been to just about every store from murray to layton over the last month or so. and i somehow still have no idea what i'm going to wear. i just don't love the dresses i ordered. and i feel like if i'm paying over $100 for something, i should more than sorta like it. and it's not like it's hard colors to find - i just need something in some sort of brown tone. how hard can that be, honestly???!

i decided to go to forever 21 last weekend (i think - all the days spent roaming from store to store are blending together now). online, they had a few possibilities. but i admit, i'm not an avid forever 21 shopper, although lots of others seem to have great finds there. can i just say, that store overwhelms me. it gives me anxiety. it's big and loud and there's random stuff everywhere. it's one of those stores where you can find awesome stuff, but you have to SEARCH for it. you have to dig and wander all over cuz nothing is all together. there's not a top section or a pant section or a dress section. they all just run together, and i can't shop like that! ughhh. just thinking about it makes me anxious. i lasted about 4 minutes in that store, and had to quickly exit. i just can't handle it. i'm a freak, i know.

soooo, i drug Jae with me to the mall yet AGAIN this past saturday. he was thrilled, i'm sure. there's a new store there (i forget the name) so as a last minute attempt before the mall closed, we went in. i found a decent enough skirt. tan. some flower embroidery stuff at the bottom, and a tie thing at the waist. there wasn't a top to go with it in the whole store, but i got the skirt anyway, cuz i'm simply running out of time! but now, even if i use that skirt, i still have to find a top to go with it. pretty sure showing up topless won't go over well. so i still have to do more shopping. i never thought i'd be so entirely SICK of stores in general in my life.

i have about 55 hours to work in the next 5 days. when am i going to do more shopping?? i have no idea. if anyone happens to be out and about sometime between now and saturday and happen to see a cute brown blouse that would go with a tan skirt, or just a cute dress or something that sounds like it might work, PLEEEASE feel free to let me know!

pretty sure the bride is less stressed than i am right now. and i don't even know why. it's not like anyone's really going to care what i'm wearing. i just want to look nice, i suppose, and i'm (clearly) majorly struggling to do so.


  1. i feel the same way about forever 21. i never go there. i went to the one in chicago over christmas...big mistake. it takes a certain person to shop at F21, and apparently you and I are not those people! haha

  2. i have that cardigan (and something else you said you might want to borrow but that i cant remember now...) if you want to borrow them! just let me know!

  3. mary - i might have found something. sort of. but i might still need you and your closet. i'll text you later...