some stuff

i decided to give you all a brief update on some stuff that's going on in the Horrocks household. really exciting, i know.

the first (and probably biggest) update is about Jae and his company, Legend Landscaping and Lawn Care (yes, you should call us if you ever have any of those sort of needs!!) a couple of months ago, we invested in a brand spanking new enclosed trailer. since getting said trailer, Jae's truck was ridin mighty low haulin that thing around. it could do it, but it honestly made me so paranoid to have him out and about all over with that big thing hooked to his truck. so we decided a new truck was in order. plus, he's wanting to put a snow plow on his truck, and his F150 (which really was an awesome truck) just wasn't quite big enough to handle all this new fun. so last Friday, we invested in this beauty to add to the trailer beauty:

yes, it's big and bad. and noisy! it's an F350 turbo diesel. and i'll tell you what, that turbo isn't kiddin around! it has no problem haulin the trailer around, and doesn't sit on the ground while doing it, like the old truck did. welcome to the family, new truck and trailer! we'll have to come up with a new name for Jae's new baby...i'm open for suggestions.

in other news, i got (another) job! that's how it is. jae gets new toys, and i get more work. ha ha....just kidding. except not. so in addition to my full-time job at Primary Children's, i now am also the receptionist/office manager/desk person at a dance studio! i haven't danced since high school, and i just miss it sometimes! while i'm not exactly dancing, i'm at least in the environment of it again, and that's exciting! it's only a few days a week, and even in the summers, their classes are all in the evenings, so i can just leave from Primary's and go straight to the studio for a few hours. the bosses are awesome and i'm super excited. i think it'll be a fun thing. well. i hope it is anyway! less time to see my husband. but hey, a little extra cash is NEVER something to complain about. last day of training is today, first official day all by myself is next week! by the way, if you're interested, it's called Dancin' It Up, and it's in NSL. i'll let you know how it goes.....

i haven't really talked much about my healthy kick lately. maybe cuz the kick is getting lower and lower?? haha. i mostly stopped counting calories now. i think i did it long enough, i have the mindset about calories and how much should be portioned out for each meal, etc permanently stuck in my brain. i'm still constantly thinking about what i'm eating and how much and at what times, etc, so i think we're pretty good there. a couple of weeks ago, we had a super crazy-busy week. just lots of stuff like, every evening after work, which is my gym time. so for a week (actually, like 9 days i think) i never made it to the gym. not once. so last week, trying to get back was kind of awful. i struggled. i think i only went once? i finally went this past monday again, and can i just tell you, that run was the hardest run yet. i only lasted 20 minutes, and had a side-ache attack from you-know-where. wasn't very encouraging, to say the least. but i must keep trying! i was supposed to go last night, but was so dang tired from the week already, and haven't gotten much jae time lately, i opted to stay home and hang out with him. but today i MUST go. i must.

Jordan and Chelsea get married NEXT WEEK!! if you don't know, Jordan is Jae's brother. they've waited a good long while for this day, and i'm SO excited for them. i will most definitely post pics after that fun event. also, my good friend from WAAAYY back, Torrie, is also getting married next saturday (same day as jord and chels'). busy busy day! ohh and the lovely Laura (pretty much my little sister) is all grown up and getting married next friday, the day before the other two!! geez louiz, lots of fun things ahead. can't wait! so happy for all of you guys!!!!!!!

well, i think that's all for now, folks. jae's brother, Jesse, and his family are here for a couple weeks to visit (and for the other brother's wedding, of course). i'll make sure to take fun pictures of those boys to share. have a fabulous thursday and (almost) weekend, friends.


  1. Wow, two jobs? Look at you go! I'm impressed. That's definitely a lot of work hours in a week. Yesterday I was randomly remembering (for the first time in years and years) about the time that I went to that dance class with you as your date. Ha ha! Good times. I haven't really danced since getting back from my mission, and I really miss it too! Maybe I'll have to check out your work and have a big dance party there. By myself. While you're working :)

    P.S. It made me really happy to see my name in your post and how quickly my wedding is coming up...happy day!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, love you. :)